Batch allows you to send a custom ID when users log into your app or your website. This allows you to manage a wide variety of use cases. This will allow us to attach a user ID from your userbase to one or several anonymous installs on Batch end.

Use cases 

You will be able to use your own IDs to: 

  • Send notifications to specific users: As you're able to address Batch with your own type of IDs, Custom User IDs makes the use of Transactional API and Custom Audience API much easier. 
  • Send custom user  data: You will also be able to send raw data on these user IDs from your servers using the the Custom Data API.
  • Improve your targeting: From Batch dashboard, you will be able to target users who are or are not logged in in your app (see the 'has Custom user ID' attribute). 
  • Simplify debugging: Finally, this ID also makes it easier for you to find an installation in the debug tool. From there, you can visualize native and custom data that have been already collected on a user (more information here).

Implementation guide 

You will find all the information you need here: iOS / Android / Cordova / React Native / Web

🚧 Important note: Once you are done, you can use the debug tool to see if you send correctly the user ID to Batch and if you set it to null when users log out.

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