Batch allows you and your team to use 2FA to fully secure your access to the dashboard with an additional security layer. But first, what is 2FA and how does it work?

2FA for Two-Factor Authentication

As its name suggests, 2FA allows you to add an extra step in your authentication process on a desktop website/app, via a code verification from your smartphone.

 After having prompted your password as you would normally do, you will be asked to input a code fetched from a dedicated 2FA mobile app, previously linked with the website/app you're logging into:

Step 1: Input your password.

Step 2: Type the '' code from the 2FA mobile app on Batch dashboard login menu.

And now you're connected in a fully secure way.

How to set up 2FA on Batch ?

First, hop into your Security settings via the bottom-left corner menu by clicking on 'Security'.

In the Security tab, click on 'Enable' under the Two-factor authentication section.

Then follow the given instructions. More specifically, you have to open your favorite 2FA Mobile app, add a new login, scan the given QR Code and type on Batch the code your 2FA app gives you. You will find a list of apps you can use to set up 2FA here.

There you go, 2FA has been set up on your account! Last but not least, the Team section of the Account Manager gives your team Manager insights on who has already set up 2FA.

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