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Does using Batch web SDK impact my web performance?
Does using Batch web SDK impact my web performance?

Our JavaScript tag can be integrated into your pages with close to no impact on your website speed and loading time

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The Batch Web SDK is built to minimize the impact on web performance and we are closely following web performance best practices.

Our JavaScript tags are using the HTML script async attribute meaning that adding Batch to your website can't block other scripts or affect your page speed negatively. 

External resources are loaded with gzip enabled and we are using long-time caching policies when it's possible.

Finally, you can load the Batch Web SDK as early as possible in your code to trigger the opt-in consent alert or Batch custom opt-in UIs sooner, use Batch at the very bottom of your page (before the closing </body> tag) or load our SDK through a tag manager.

If you need to discuss in greater detail how to optimize web performance when using the Batch web push technology please contact our technical support team at or via our live chat system.

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