When you are editing an In-App campaign, you need to define a display event that will trigger the sending of your message. 

As soon as possible

If you choose to display your In-App campaign with the trigger « As Soon As Possible», the message will be displayed at the soonest to your audience meaning that it will appear either as users open the app or as they are already browsing the app.

Note: ‘As Soon As Possible’ means that the SDK does not have enough time to assimilate all the information needed to trigger the message and will display your message in a way that might disturb your users. It must be used carefully for urgent or important matters. 

New session

If you choose to display your In-App campaign with the trigger « New Session », the message will appear on the second launch of your app:

  • When a user matching the set targeting opens the app and therefore starts a new session, Batch's SDK will retrieve all the information related to the campaign, but not display it yet. 

  • It will then trigger the campaign as soon as the user launches the app for the second time.

You can choose to set this trigger to promote functionalities such as thematic preferences, for optin campaigns, or even to inform users about an app maintenance for instance.

Custom events 

Lastly you can choose to trigger your In-App campaign based on an event previously tagged during the integration of the SDK. They are based on specific events users can do within your app and let you personalize your users journey as they achieve key actions.

For example, for e-Commerce application it can be the fact that users just created an account or validated their order.
For Media application, as user can read a certain amount of articles, the custom trigger can be ‘read_content’ and can be even specified with the type of article such as ‘Economy, Sport, etc’.

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