Device data

Mobile integration (iOS/Android)

  • Installation ID: anonymous ID generated by Batch SDK the first time it starts.
  • Push token
  • Push notifications opt-in status
  • Advertising ID, if available.
  • Identifier for Vendor (IDFV), on iOS.
  • Bundle ID
  • OS version
  • App version
  • Batch SDK version
  • Mobile Landing Version (MLVL)
  • Device brand
  • Device model
  • Mobile carrier: Batch collects the MNC/MCC codes and deducts the carrier name based on these IDs.
  • Language
  • Country: Batch deducts the country based on the IP address. If the IP address cannot be used, Batch will use the country set in the device settings.
  • City: Batch uses IP geolocation to find the city of your users. This feature works when the user is on a Wi-Fi network, not on a cellular network.
  • Device time zone

Please note you can disable the advertising ID collection (iOS/Android) and the Advanced Device Information collection (iOS/Android). Batch doesn't store the IP address.

Web browser integration

  • Installation ID
  • Push token
  • Push notifications opt-in status
  • Batch SDK version
  • User agent (browser, OS, etc)
  • Language
  • Country
  • Device time zone
  • City (see above for more details)

App usage and campaigns data

  • First SDK start date
  • Last SDK start date
  • Smart Segment
  • List of the campaigns that targeted the install.
  • List of the campaigns that targeted the install and clicked by the user.
  • Send date of the most recent campaign that targeted the install.
  • Number of push sent to the install, used for frequency capping limit.
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