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Google Play Console security warning
Google Play Console security warning
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A security error may be present on your Google Play Console after publishing an Android app containing Batch 1.15 or lower.

The error is:

Unsafe encryption
Your app contains unsafe cryptographic encryption patterns. Please see this Google Help Centre article for details.



Mode de chiffrement non sécurisé

Votre application contient un mode de chiffrement moins sécurisé.

Rest assured that encryption during network transit is safe as Batch SDK uses standard HTTPS to secure its communications to our servers. We're using the latest cyphers available when possible and don't disable security features.

On top of that, the SDK uses another layer of encryption for obfuscation purposes for:

- Network data payloads, before being sent over HTTPS

- Internal SDK data stored on the internal app storage (such as the Installation ID)

The algorithm we use is deprecated: Google flags this encryption as weak and shows the Play Console warning.

Unfortunately, we can't tell Google that we're not using this in the wrong way.

We added a workaround in Batch 1.16.0, which should silence the error.

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