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How does In-app WebViews work?
How does In-app WebViews work?

How to use WebViews in your In-App campaigns?

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In-App Campaigns and push with Mobile Landing allow you to display messages inside your app. On the dashboard, there are several In-App formats: Fullscreen, Banner, Modal, Image and WebView.

Introduced in Batch 1.17 version of the SDK, In-App WebView messages enable you to display any web content in your app, while still leveraging Batch's campaign targeting, push and In-App trigger engine.

Note: By using custom HTML In-Apps, you can adapt your message in both a fullscreen and a modal style.

A handful of advanced scenarios are therefore possible:

  • Ultra-customized look and feel and layout

  • Multi-screens In-Apps

  • Customer survey, quiz, NPS, forms (data collection)

  • Videos

  • One-click behaviours

  • Interactive Components

  • Custom Animations

  • Live chat windows

  • Formats with unlimited CTAs

  • Etc.

Adding In-App WebViews to the dashboard

Once you have built the HTML content for your In-App and you have the URL you need to:

  1. Go to Settings > Themes > All formats > WebView > Save the WebView

2. Once you create your campaign, at the Message step select the WebView theme you just created and fill in the WebView URL field.

Be sure to:

  • Test the responsiveness of your In-App on a device

  • Test actions tracking by interacting on the preview, if you are using JavaScript functions

3. Check that the web integrator has correctly integrated the tracking to provide statistics for all actions. Then you can send your campaign!

HTML content integration

Batch's In-App WebView JavaScript SDK allows communication from your Web components to iOS/Android SDK. It also allows for optimal tracking of campaign statistics.

You will find our predefined templates in our GitHub repository. You just need to host them to have an URL to copy and paste on your campaign.

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