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How to set up Batch’s Single-Sign-On using Okta as an IdP?
How to set up Batch’s Single-Sign-On using Okta as an IdP?

See how to set up Single-Sign-On on Batch's dashboard.

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Batch is compatible with all IdPs that support the SAML standard.

The article outlines the steps for setting up Single Sign-On using Okta as the IdP. For any other IdP, the article can be used but will need to be adapted based on your IdP's specific requirements.

Here are the few steps you need to follow to set up Single-Sign-On on Batch’s dashboard.

Creating an app integration

First, you need to create a new app integration on your Okta dashboard making sure to select “SAML 2.0” as the sign-in method.

By clicking on the “Next” button, you can configure the SAML Integration as follows:

  • General settings

Add an App name (Eg. and a logo (Optional).

Batch logo is available here 👇

  • Configure SAML

In this form, the 6 highlighted fields must be filled in with the following information 👇

(1) : Single sign-on URL

(2) : Audience URL →

(3) : Name ID format → EmailAddress

(4) : Application username → Email

(5) : Attribute Statement Name →

(6) : Attribute Statement Value →

Setup completion on Batch’s end

Once you complete creating your app integration on Okta’s dashboard, you should be redirected to the App’s Sign On Settings page. Here is the information you will need to share with Batch teams in order to complete your setup:

(1) : Sign on URL

(2) : Issuer

(3) : Signing Certificate

⚠️ Note: This information is highly sensitive and should be shared in a secure manner with restricted access.

User assignment

The third and final step on your end will be to assign users to whom you want to grant access to Batch’s dashboard. That can be managed on the “Assignments” tab of the previously created app integration in Okta’s dashboard.

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