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How to use Amplitude Cohorts as audiences in Batch?
How to use Amplitude Cohorts as audiences in Batch?

Sync your Amplitude Cohorts to Batch and use them in your Push, In-App, Email, or SMS campaign targeting.

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Amplitude is a product analytics platform designed to help businesses understand and optimize user engagement and product usage. It provides tools and insights that enable companies to make data-driven decisions to improve their digital products and user experiences.

This integration allows you to use Amplitude Cohorts as Custom Audiences in Push and In-App automations.


  • This integration is available for customers who have paid plans with Amplitude and have the Bacth destination enabled.

  • The user IDs that compose your Amplitude Cohorts need to be of the same type of identifier as the Custom User ID tracked in Batch from your mobile apps or website OR Batch's Installation IDs if tracked in Amplitude.

1. Set up your Cohorts in Amplitude and sync them to Batch

Follow the instructions from the Amplitude documentation to activate the integration and export your Cohorts to Batch.

2. Check what audiences have been synched and use them in Push, In-App, Email, or SMS campaigns.

You can check all synched audiences in the dedicated "Audiences" tab by navigating into "Settings > Audiences" and then selecting the proper channel if using it in an omnichannel project.

Once you made sure your Cohort has been synched, you can proceed to use it in the targeting section of your Push, In-App, Email, or SMS campaign to either include or exclude users in that audience from receiving the campaign.

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