Customers on the Startup plan (and above) can add new people to their team. This enables your tech, marketing and editorial teams to work together on the same interface with different accesses to Batch's features.

Inviting new members

The first thing you need to do is to go to the bottom left corner of the dashboard. Click "Manage team", then go to the "Team" tab:

 To add a teammate, click "Add member" from the Account manager

There are several permissions you can grant or revoke:

  • Manager: Grants full access to company account (team members, users permissions, etc). Note: an account can have more than one Manager.
  • Dashboard: Grants read-only access to the dashboard. Dashboard users will not be able to create nor edit campaigns.
  • App: Grants users rights to create, edit, and archive apps.
  • Push: Grants users rights to create, edit and delete campaigns.
  • Insights [deprecated]: Gives access to Batch Insights.

🚧 Important note: If one of your teammates already has a Batch account registered with his email address, contact our support team ( with the following information:

  • Email address of his first account.
  • Email address of the team he wants to join.

We will add him to your team with all the apps he created with his previous account.

Managing existing users

You can resend invitations, delete and manage existing users from the Account Manager:

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