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How can I send myself a test for In-App messages?
How can I send myself a test for In-App messages?

Here are the steps you need to take to preview an In-App message on your device on iOS and Android.

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In-App Messaging allows you to communicate with your users while they are browsing the app, even if they did not accept push notifications. You can easily send a preview to your device before turning the campaign on for all your users.

To achieve that, Batch simulates the In-App display by sending you a push notification with your In-App message displayed as a landing page in your app.  This will only allow you to see if your text and image are displayed properly. 

In the campaign editor, click the ⚙️ to select your device in the saved devices, or copy your advertising id in the corresponding field. Hit "PREVIEW ON MY PHONE".

You will receive a push notification. Open it to see on your device a preview of the message you are editing. If you don't see it right away, you should refer to the Mobile Landing debugging article: My Mobile Landing doesn't show

Note: Consider turning on the campaign for a development version of your app if you want to test more than the aspect of your message (e.g. trigger, targeting, etc).

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