In-App Messaging allows you to communicate with your users while they are browsing the app, even if they did not accept push notifications. 

Two formats are currently available: Fullscreen and banner. You can launch the in-app messages after specific events. 

To have a preview of the campaign before sending it to your users, you can send yourself a test. 

To achieve that, Batch simulates In-App display by sending you a push notification with a Mobile Landing attached. 

Note that it won't take into account any targeting or trigger you could have set.

1. Locate your advertising ID

You can install The Identifiers app on your iOS device to find your advertising ID.

Make sure "Limited Ad Tracking" is not enabled in your device's settings > Privacy > Advertising. Otherwise, you will need to disable it and reopen your app.

2. Find information on your device

On Batch's dashboard, go to Settings > Debug, paste your Advertising ID (with the IDFA field selected). Then click on "Save as a test device".

In case you just need to test your integration, you can use the "Send a test" button. Batch will send a generic message with an image to your device.

🚧 Didn't find your installation?
This may happen if the app doesn't share the advertising ID of your device with Batch. Ask your developers if they send a Custom User ID to Batch or if they can display Batch's anonymous Installation ID somewhere in the app.

3. Send the test from the campaign editor

In the campaign editor, click the ⚙️ to select your device in the saved devices, or copy your IDFA in the corresponding field. Hit "Send a test".

You will receive a push notification, as below.

 Open it and you should directly see your in-app campaign. If you don't see it right away, you should refer to the Mobile Landing debugging article : My Mobile Landing doesn't show.

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