Inbox allows you to fetch and process notifications users previously received. You can use that feature to add a "notification center" to your app, where users can find all the notifications sent to their device or user id in the past. 

Here is how you can test your integration after implementing a notification center in your app:

Method 1: Schedule a Push Campaign

On the dashboard, go to the "Push" tab, then click "New Campaign".

If your app is not live yet on the store with Batch's SDK

Or if you have created a separate test / dev app on Batch dashboard, simply create a push campaign that will target all your users.

If your app is live on the store with Batch's SDK

And if you don't have a separate test / dev app on the dashboard, you will need to:

  1. Create a custom audience.

  2. Create a push campaign. Make sure you are only targeting the custom audience you just created.

🚧 Important note:

  • Inbox will not work on builds using the Dev API key.

  • Notifications sent from the Debug tool (iOS/Android) or using the "Send a test" button from a push campaign cannot be fetched by Inbox.

Method 2: Use the Transactional API

Alternatively, you can send a push notification to your device using the Transactional API. Make sure you target an installation ID or a Custom User ID, depending on the mode you chose (know more here). 

🚧 Important note: Notifications sent to specific push tokens cannot be fetched using Inbox.

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