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Need help with push notifications? Check our technical and troubleshooting guides.

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How do mobile push notifications work?Everything you wanted to know about iOS / Android push notifications but were afraid to ask.
Allowing users to unsubscribe from push notifications on iOSYou may want to offer your users a system to disable push notifications from your app.
Why is my device not receiving push notifications on iOS?Several issues may prevent your device or the device of someone in your team from receiving notifications on iOS.
How can I use Universal Links with Batch?
My APNS push certificate expired, what should I do?Batch servers need to have a valid certificate to communicate with Apple Push Notification Services. Follow that guide to create a new one.
Carthage fails to update 'ios-sdk'
How to show push notifications when my iOS app is in the foreground?Android and iOS handle push notifications differently when the app is already open.
Xcode 12 fails to build a project containing BatchFrequently encountered Xcode 12 issues and their fixes
Notification groups in iOS 12iOS 12 introduces grouped notifications, a new feature that keeps multiple notifications from the same app grouped on your lock screen.
Provisional authorization on iOS 12Provisional Authorization allows you to send trial notifications without receiving the user's consent first.
Supporting additional notification settings on iOS 12Starting from iOS 12, users can go directly to the settings of your app from a push notification to disable specific types of alerts.
Understanding and managing iOS 15 time-sensitive interruption levelHere is how to use iOS 15's time-sensitive interruption level to change the way notifications are presented to your users in Focus mode.

How can I migrate my website to Batch?Here is everything you need to know on how to migrate your tokens from your current web push provider to Batch.
Does macOS Ventura release impact my Web push integration?Batch SDK v2 and v3 are compatible with macOS Ventura standard Web Push implementation.
How do I enable iOS Web Push notifications on my website?
How to add Safari support to my existing web push integration?Safari supports Web Push standard protocol from macOS 13. This article details the integration steps to target previous versions of Safari.
Why is my device not receiving Web push notifications?Several issues may prevent you from receiving Web push notifications on your Browser or Desktop.
How do Web Push notifications work?Everything you wanted to know about web push notifications and we browsers but were afraid to ask.
How can I direct users to a page on my website?Batch lets you send a push notification with a deeplink. Deeplink is a good way to direct your users in a page on your website.
How to segment my user base for web push campaign?You will find in this article all the information you need on the targeting options available natively and optionally for web push.
Why my Trigger campaign on the "SUBSCRIPTION" event doesn't have any sent?Here is everything you should check if your "SUBSCRIPTION" campaign doesn't have any sent.
How to interpret web push opt-out users?Need help understanding your campaign's uninstall/opt-out/deleted tokens? Here's all you need to know to understand it.
How to test web push on the development environment?Here is all you need to know to review your web push integration in a preprod environment.
Why did the SDK Auth Key change on my dashboard?
How can I configure the display time of web push notifications?You can change the display duration of the web push notifications you receive from your computer's settings.
How can I reset my browser opt-in preferences?Here is a simple step-by-step guide to reset your web browser opt-in preferences for web push notifications.
How to disable web push notifications?Everything you need to know to disable web push notifications in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and more.
How can I send a test notification to my web browser on Android?You can target your mobile device from the dashboard to test your web notifications are displayed correctly on Android.