If you are coming from another push provider, Batch provides a way to import your existing tokens from Parse, Urban Airship or any other push provider.

We don't only import anonymous push tokens but also all the custom data you collected attached to it.

Here are the three steps you need to follow before exporting your tokens:

  1. Upgrade your plan: The token import feature is only available on the Developer plan and higher.

  2. Update your app: Make sure Batch is already integrated in your app. This ensures no users are omitted between the moment you export your tokens and the moment Batch starts collecting your new users' tokens.

  3. Send us your export: You can send us your export at support@batch.com.

The format of your devices' tokens export must be a valid CSV file, more details on the data structure here: https://doc.batch.com/guides/tokens-import.html#_importing-your-tokens.

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