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How to integrate Batch's snippet using Google Tag Manager?
How to integrate Batch's snippet using Google Tag Manager?

You can integrate Batch web push using GTM.

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You can integrate Batch's snippet via Google Tag Manager by following the steps below:

1. Create a tag

Click on "New tag" and select "Custom HTML" as your tag configuration:

Paste your Batch snippet in the HTML textbox:

2. Define a trigger

The snippet should be triggered on all your website's pages (Select "All pages" as a firing trigger) unless there are subdomains you want to exclude, in which case you should add exceptions. 

To add an exception to your tag triggers, you should create a new trigger that will be used as an exclusion trigger. 

If you want to exclude all subdomains, use the following condition:

If you want to exclude a list of subdomains, use the following conditions: 

Once your exclusion trigger has been created, add it to your tag's trigger settings as an exception:

That’s it, when you are all set, release the new tag in staging or in production. Make sure you test your integration correctly by following the steps described here: Testing my web push integration.

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