1. Opt-in demand

On iOS, the "native" request for push authorization can only be displayed once.

💡 For this reason, we advise you to develop and implement a pre-permission prompt.

You can trigger that pre-permission prompt:

  • On the first session

  • Or/and after a meaningful action: login, order confirmation, service subscription, etc.

Here is how a pre-permission prompt looks like:

If users click the "Turn On notifications" buttons, they will see the system permission prompt that can only be displayed once.

👉 Here are some of the editorial best practices we recommend to design your pre-permission screen:

  • Added value: Explain why users should turn on notifications and what they will gain by doing it.

  • Trust: Provide good examples of push notifications so users can understand what kind of alerts they may receive.

  • Frequency: Tell them how often you usually send push notifications.

  • Ask later: Always include a "later" button so they can turn on notifications later, once they have engaged with your app.

2. Re-permission campaigns

You can use Batch In-App messages to improve your push opt-in rate.
Indeed, In-App messages can be displayed to every user, whether they are opt-in or opt-out to push notifications.

Our platform allows you to segment your audience according to the push opt-in status (true or false) by using the native attribute "Push opted-in":

Then, you can target opt-out users via our In-App messaging technology to suggest users to subscribe / re-subscribe to push notifications.

💡 Discover how to do it here: https://help.batch.com/en/articles/4195592-how-to-create-a-re-optin-campaign-with-batch-in-app-messages

3. Provisional Authorization

On iOS 12 (and higher), the Provisional Authorization feature allows you to send push notifications to users who haven't displayed the system permission prompt yet. Please note these notifications will be displayed in the notification center only.

Users will have a chance to fully turn on push notifications for your app directly from the notification they received:

ℹī¸ More details here: https://help.batch.com/en/articles/2370621-provisional-authorization-on-ios-12

4. Thematic opt-in

We observe a better opt-in rate for apps that have:

  • a thematic opt-in demand ;


  • a notification preferences page into the app to allow users to manage themselves their push preferences by theme.

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