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Best Practices & Use Cases

Discover how to manage common use cases and learn how to improve your campaigns.

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How to ask users for an app review?Getting ratings and reviews is essential in any app marketing strategy to encourage downloads and get useful feedback.
Creating your first welcome campaignSet recurring welcome campaigns in a few minutes to guide new users in your apps and increase engagement.
How can I allow users to manage their push preferences from my website?You can integrate a custom toggle switch into your website to manage web push notifications easily (opt-in and opt-out).
How to Create your First Reengagement Campaign?Here is a guide to help you set up a recurring reengagement campaign to attract dormant users and increase engagement.
Automating birthday/anniversary wishes with a push notificationHere is every step to create a campaign celebrating your user's birthday, or a precise date.
How can I reduce the abandoned cart rate with Batch?Discover how to manage all your abandoned cart use cases with Batch Trigger campaigns.
How to personalize the content of my push notification?You can add some personalization to your push by using Dynamic content in your campaigns. Here are all the steps you need to follow.
How to create a "Call", "Send an SMS", or "Send an email" button to an In-App message?See how you can direct users to their default phone, email or sms app by simply clicking an In-App button.
How can I send a silent push notification?You will find here all you need to know to send your first silent push notification to your user.
How to improve the push opt-in rate?All the best practices you must know to maximise you push notifications opt-in rate on iOS and Android (from Android 13)
How to create a re-optin campaign to improve my opt-in rate?Do you need to improve your opt-in rate? Here are all the steps you need to take to create a re-opt-in In-App campaign on iOS and Android.
How can I implement thematic push opt-ins?You can define different push thematics in your app/website and target your users based on their subscription preferences.
How to create an app tracking pre-permission campaign?Here are all the steps you need to take to create a pre-permission In-App message and add context to the App Tracking (ATT) prompt.