The trigger feature option enables you to send a notification from one minute to several days after users have installed the app or triggered an action in the app.

A/ Pre-requisite

For setting up your abandoned cart campaigns, you need to plan trigger actions in your tagging plan:

→ "added_to_cart" event, with [optional] product categories labels (e.g. “bags”)

→ "purchase"

B/ Campaign creation

You will need to create a push campaign using the following instructions:

1. Targeting

It is not necessary to fulfill the targeting part, except if you need to manage a multilingual campaign —> check out this documentation.

2. Timing

  • Trigger event: added_to_cart trigger display of the push campaign 30 minutes after the user add an item to his cart. You can also associate a specific label: e.g "bags".

  • Cancellation event: purchase trigger cancel the display of the push campaign if he purchase an item during the 30 minutes delay.

  • Capping: we have set a capping of 2 in this example and a 4 hours grace period. A user will receive his push campaign 2 times maximum, with a delay of 4 hours minimum.

3. Message edition

Add your wording and your campaign is now ready to activate.

C/ Best practices

Abandoned cart push reminder campaigns with Piiics:

They made specific campaigns according to the product category (using a label associate to the event) added into the user cart, with two reminder campaigns at Day +1 and Day +7.

  • Personalization on user first name

  • Custom image which increase the open rate (do not hesitate to put an image in relation with the item in user cart)

Cross canal abandoned cart campaigns with Vide dressing:

  • Hours+2: Emailing campaign: 1-to-1 reminder

  • Day+1: Push campaign: 1-to-1 reminder

  • Day+3: 1-to-1 push reminder + push saved in the app notification center

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