If you are not receiving any of the notifications sent from Batch, here are some suggestions to find the issue.

1. Common Issues

Try to send a test notification to your browser from the debug tool:

You may notice different issues from the debug tool:

a) I cannot find my install

Make sure you have opened the website once and the version you installed includes Batch's SDK.

b) No token found

The token field is empty. Make sure the install date you see in the debug tool makes sense and check if notifications are enabled in your browser or in your OS.

Check if notifications are enabled in your brower or in your OS :

Do not use incognito mode, private browser mode or guest browser mode or Firefox's ESR versions. Subscription to push does not work in these modes.

  • Chrome :

Click on the locker to ensure notifications are enabled for your website.

  • Firefox :

Click on Settings to ensure notifications are enabled for your website.

  • Mac OS :

Go to Apple menu → System Preferences → Notifications.

Select your browser on the left to ensure notifications are enabled.

  • Windows :

Select the Start button and then select Settings ⚙️.

Go to System → Notifications & actions to ensure notifications are enabled for your browser.

You will need to refresh your page after enabling push notifications.

You can also reset your browser opt-in preferences

c) I have an Installation ID and a token but I didn't receive the notification

  • Do Not Disturb mode

    You can have issues receiving notification if you are using a Do Not Disturb Mode. Disable the Do Not Disturb mode and try again

  • You are using a VPN

    If you are using a VPN try to disconnect it, this can cause issues when trying to receive Web Push Notification.

2. Campaign level issues

a) Campaign targeting

If notifications are enabled and your browser and your OS can receive test push notifications, double-check the targeting of your campaign:

Ensure it matches the information you see from the debug tool (Dashboard Settings → Debug).

In case you are using Batch's Transactional API with raw tokens, ensure you are targeting the right environment (e.g. {"sandbox":true}).

b) Campaign Scheduling

See if you scheduled your campaign based on local time or global time (UTC):

The Local Time option lets you send a push notification that will be received at the same hour in every country. For example, if your push campaign is scheduled to be sent on Friday, July 19th at 6PM, your Canadian, Italian and Chinese users will receive it on Friday, July 19th when it's 6PM in their country.

The Global Time (UTC) option allows you to send a push notification to your users at a specific UTC time regardless of their location. If your push campaign is scheduled to be sent on Friday, July 19th at 6PM global time (UTC), your users will receive it:

  • At 2PM in Canada (UTC -4)

  • At 8PM in Italy (UTC +2)

  • At 2AM on July 20th in China (UTC +8)

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