Since 2021, Batch has provided support for web push notifications for Safari macOS, precisely through a proprietary protocol (Apple's APNs API) that requires a license to develop Apple and the creation of a P12 certificate. During WWDC 2022, Apple announced support for the standard Web Push Protocol, first on macOS and then on iOS (2023).

Web push standard protocol is now officially supported by the latest version of macOS: macOS Ventura.

Batch SDK v2 and v3.4 (v3.4 of Batch SDK will be released in a few days, and automatically rolled out) are compatible with macOS Ventura implementation of Web push, which means you don't need to update Batch SDK to collect subscriptions on Safari. Please make sure you follow these recommendations to display the native prompt on Safari: How to trigger the native prompt on Firefox and Safari?

If you already implemented specifically Safari for macOS and have subscribers on the APNs protocol:

  • APNs subscribers will continue to be sent notifications via the APNs protocol

  • New subscribers will be on the Web Push Standard protocol

What does the native prompt look like in macOS Ventura?

The design of the native prompt did not change in macOS Ventura, in comparison to the APNs version.

Are there any differences between macOS notifications sent through APNs and with Web Push standard?

Custom images and custom icons can be attached to a push notification sent through APNs, whereas the Web Push standard does not support Custom images and Custom icons.

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