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How to connect Batch to Piano Composer ?
How to connect Batch to Piano Composer ?
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💡 This article details the connection between Batch and Piano Composer experiences deployed on websites.

Piano Composer is a powerful marketing tool enabling you to display experiences to your users according to scenarios, triggers and conditions, and thus maximize their engagement and/or encourage conversion (Offer premium content, Account creation, Defeat adblockers).

By connecting Batch to Piano Composer, you can add a step to your engagement journey and retarget your users following the display of an Experience on your website.

For example, if after reading 3 articles on your site, you display an Experience encouraging the user to create an account to continue reading, but the user doesn't create an account, you'll be able to re-target them via a Web push or an Email.

To do this, Piano Composer provides callbacks directly from the "Embed Code" available on the Piano dashboard. The list of events available via callbacks is available here.

All you need to do is integrate Batch's Web tagging methods into your Piano Embed Code, and the events linked to your experiments will be passed on to Batch. A sample script is available here.

You can then use the events shared from Piano Composer to create your Trigger campaigns directly from the Batch dashboard.

In addition to this "automatic" connection through callbacks, you can send up custom attributes/events via the "Run JS" action available when composing your Experiences. With this method, you will be able to trigger Batch Web methods for all users corresponding to the targeting of your Piano Experience.

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