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How to connect Batch to Zeotap?
How to connect Batch to Zeotap?

Send custom data from Zeotap to Batch, and get reports from Batch

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Zeotap is a leading brand that offers an easy, secure, and impactful Customer Data Platform (CDP) to deliver personalized customer experiences. With the Zeotap CDP, businesses can gain a 360-degree view of their customers and unlock valuable insights.

Integrating Batch with Zeotap provides a range of features and capabilities that enable marketers to create personalized and relevant experiences for their users and drive engagement, retention and revenue. The integration allows sharing audiences built in Zeotap, triggering automations, and exchanging data in real-time.

Here is the data that can be exchanged via our connection:

  • Zeotap → Batch: Send custom events and custom audiences, to be used in Batch campaigns and automations

  • Batch → Zeotap: Retrieve delivery reporting exports and Userbase data exports to allow enhanced user segmentation and audience creation leveraging engagement data collected by Batch

Here is how to set up and use the connection:

Pre-requisite: Your user IDs in Zeotap must be the same type as the Custom User ID you use for your Batch apps/websites.

[Batch → Zeotap] Create a Batch Source

The connection allows you to ingest data from Batch into Zeotap.

Here is an example of use case leveraging the Batch Source feature.

[Zeotap → Batch] Send Audiences

The Batch Audience feature allows you to upload static segments exported from third-party tools. You can target these audiences with a campaign or automation from the Batch dashboard:

→ Follow Zeotap's documentation to send Audiences from Zeotap to Batch.

[Zeotap → Batch] Send Custom Events

Events tracked by Zeotap can be sent in real-time to Batch. These events can be used as trigger and cancellation events of Trigger automations:


→ Follow Zeotap's documentation to send Custom Events from Zeotap to Batch.

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