Data Collection
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What purpose is Batch SDK serving?Batch SDK is essential to collect data, manage push notifications, display In-App notifications and more.
What kind of data is collected via Batch by default?Here is the list of data collected via Batch by default. Data can be collected from the SDK or generated server-side.
How does Batch register new installs and manage install data?Everything you need to know on how Batch SDK registers new installs and manages native and custom data at the install level.
How does Batch manage data when your device is offline?Find out how Batch's SDK manages attributes, tags and events when your device is not connected to Internet
How does Batch collect user IDs and manage custom user data?Everything you need to know on how Batch attaches custom user IDs to installs and how you can send custom user data.
What kind of user ID should I use as a custom user ID in Batch?
How to integrate Batch into my CMP?You will find here all the necessary information to include Batch in your Consent Management Platform.
How to fill App Privacy Details on the App Store?Find in which category fall data collected by Batch SDK in the App Privacy details.
How to fill the Google Play Data Safety in the Play Console?Here is all the information needed to fill the Google Play Data Safety section in the Play Console.
How to fill out the advertising ID collection form in the Play Console?Here is all the information your need to fill the Play Console form on the advertising ID collection.
How can I override the region or language detected by Batch?You can override the values detected by Batch's SDK if users can pick a custom region or language from the settings of your app / website.
How to make your Batch integration compliant with iOS 14Learn more regarding changes impacting data tracking in iOS 14 and changes required to make your app compliant.
What is the difference between labels and custom data in event tracking?Events allow you to track the actions your users make in the app. Each event can have a label and several attributes attached to it.
How to tag WebView sections of my app?If you want to tag Custom Data in webviews in your app, you can create a bridge between the webview and the native section of the app.