Here's a practical overview of what - at Batch - is available for you to comply with GDPR.

Legal-side: we've updated our standard contract with GDPR conformity and released our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which you can find on as soon as you create an account with Batch here

SDK-side: since v1.12 our SDK offers new GDPR-dedicated methods to:  

  • Delete all locally stored user data for one-many specific user IDs;
  • Make sure no data is ever tracked again locally for those IDs;
  • Communicate with the server to delete all server-side stored data for those IDs.
  • Enable default-opt-out mode: choose to not track any data upon SDK launch for all IDs, then add opt-in rules.

More here: 

Server-side: we’ve opened a new GDPR-dedicated API and released a new dashboard feature to:

  • Request access to all data stored for a specific user ID;
  • Request that all or specific data shall be deleted for a specific user ID;

Our API also supports an OpenGDPR endpoint (

IDs you/your users may use are either:

  • Any Customer user ID (our customer’s IDs = your Company ID);
  • Any IDFA/GAID;
  • Any Batch Installation ID

Via the dashboard: The API features are also available in a GDPR Manager tool on our operational dashboard via Settings > GDPR.

In all cases, any/all deleted data resulting from manual action or normal devices uninstalls are permanently wiped from our databases under a 30 days max. retention period to make sure we comply with the 60 days max. official GDPR requirement.

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