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How is Batch populating the Smart Segments?
How is Batch populating the Smart Segments?

All you need to know on the New, Engaged, Dormant and One Time segments created automatically by Batch for your app.

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Smart Segments are automatically created by Batch using a proprietary algorithm. They let you visualize precisely who is using your app, and who is not, who is buying your product, and who is churning away.

Our algorithm analyses the sessions of your users from the moment they install your app and put them in 4 different segments.

Here is a short definition of every segment:

  • New: Newcomers to your app that haven't yet established themselves as engaged, lasting users.

  • Engaged: Congratulations! These users are actively using your app.

  • Dormant: These promising users haven't used your app in a while. Reengage them!

  • One-time: Users that have had your app for a while but have only opened it once.

We are also showing the predictive and intermediate Smart Segments that our algorithm calculates:

  • Engaged risky: Users with a high risk of becoming dormant in the next days if you don’t re-engage them with a targeted notification.

  • New promising / Dormant promising users: Users who are about to become engaged. Don’t miss the opportunity to send them a message!

You will find more information on Smart Segments targeting in the documentation : 

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