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How can I direct users to a page on my app?
How can I direct users to a page on my app?

Batch lets you send a push notification with a deeplink. Deeplink is a good way to direct your users in your application.

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Having a pre-existing deeplink structure

Basically, a deeplink is a link that allows you to direct users to a specific location in your app. Deeplinks can have several formats:


  • Custom URL schemes: example://path/to/content

If you want to direct your user inside your application, you must have a pre-existing deeplink structure in your app before being able to direct users to a specific place in your application.

By default, Batch will open the “home” of your app if you don't have any deeplink on your campaign.

📖 Documentation: If you want more information on how to implement deeplink in your application take a look at these some documentation here: iOS / Android

iOS only: Adding support for Universal links

On iOS, universal links allow you to connect to content deep inside your app using standard HTTP or HTTPS links (see documentation on the Apple Developper website).

As universal links cannot be opened from within an app that supports them using UIApplication.openURL, you will need to declare your universal Links domains to Batch to open then inside of your app.

Take a look at the documentation to add support for Universal links: Setting up universal links in Batch.

Inserting deeplinks in messages

Simply copy / paste your deeplink in the message editor. This can be done for a push notifications, an In-App message and even an email:

💡 Note: Before launching your campaign, don't forget to test it.

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