Basically, a deeplink is a link that looks like a browser URL. You can use it to direct users to a specific location in your app (e.g: Myapp://path/to/content).

If you want to direct your user inside your application, you must have a pre-existing deeplink structure in your app before being able to direct users to a specific place in your application. By default, Batch will open the “home” of your app if you don't have any deeplink on your campaign.

🔧 If you want more information about how to implement deeplink in your application take a look at these some documentations here: iOS/Android

Batch lets you use standard URI* scheme which is "Myapp://path/to/content". This format is supported by iOS and Android.

You can insert your deeplink through the Batch dashboard when you set up a new campaign (just click on Advanced settings toggle).

Furthermore, you can direct your users in your application with a deeplink but also in your web page or app store (e.g:

T️️hat's all, now you're able to direct users in right place of your application

*URI: Uniform Resource Identifier

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