is a customer data platform. It allows you to avoid tagging your app as many times as solutions you use by offering you a central point to collect, store and route your data once. The many Segment integrations then enable you to transfer this data to your digital tools such as CRM solutions, DMPs, Analytics ...

We have an official partnership with Segment which allows you tag your data once and redirects it to Batch and Segment. You can consult the official documentation available here:

How can I use my Segment data on Batch? 

When you create a new campaign, in targeting section, you can add some custom attributes that come from Segment as shown below.

Additionally, if you need some raw user attributes that are on Segment side (and unavailable in the app), user data can be transferred serverside from Segment to Batch. If you're interested, reach out to us via our dedicated address.

Any more questions? Don't hesitate to ping us on the live chat at the bottom right of your screen ;).

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