Batch allows you to track in Google Analytics users who open your push notifications. This is helpful to understand what your users do in your app, track transactions and e-commerce conversions. 

Note : This article assumes you are already using the V3 of Google Analytics' SDK in your app. Also, you must have a deeplink architecture integrated in your application.

Adding UTM tags to your deeplink

The first thing you need to do is to add UTM tags to the deeplink of your push campaign. This can be done from the campaign editor or when calling the Campaigns / Transactional API:

Each UTM tag includes two main elements: 

  • A parameter (e.g: utm_source)
  • A value (eg: newsletter)

There are several parameters you can use (more information here):

  • Campaign Name (utm_campaign): This can be the name (e.g. salejuly) or the category of your push campaign (e.g. onboarding).
  • Campaign Source (utm_source): This parameter allows you to define where your content comes from (e.g. Batch_Android, Batch_iOS)
  • Campaign Medium (utm_medium): This parameters allows you to identify the medium used the user is coming from (e.g. push)

You can build easily add UTM tags to your deeplink by using Google's Campaign URL Builder:

Filtering your audience based on UTM tags

On Google Analytics, you will be able to track users coming from specific sources, medium or campaigns by going to Acquisition  > Sources > all .

Then you will be able to see your whole campaigns from push notification by clicking on campaign tab

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