Starting from iOS 12, users can disable notifications directly from a notification by sliding the push and tapping the "Manage" button. By default, iOS will direct your users to the system settings.

iOS offers three options to your users:

1. “Deliver Quietly”: iOS will disable the notification sound and vibration. the notification will show up in the notification center only. 

2. “Turn off…”:

  • By default, iOS will disable notifications.

  • If your app supports advanced push settings, iOS will show an additional button in the confirmation prompt, allowing users to disable specific types of notifications in your app, rather than fully disabling them.

3. “Settings”: Opens the standard notifications settings for your app. If your      application implements advanced notifications settings, an additional button will show up to redirect the user to your app for more settings. 

Here is how it looks:

How to add this feature?

You can now ask Batch to tell iOS that your app supports opening an in-app notification settings from the system settings by calling:

 [BatchPush setSupportsAppNotificationSettings:true]

Note that this still requires you to implement a UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate, and the appropriate method to open the settings.

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