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How to alert users based on a specific date in the future (expiry alerts, etc)?
How to alert users based on a specific date in the future (expiry alerts, etc)?

You can easily alert users a few days before or after a specific date. This is handy to manage expiry alerts, reminders and more.

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Batch allows you to automatically send a notification or display an In-App message to users a few days before a specific date in the future.

This is useful to alert users when their voucher, subscription, loyalty points or credit card is about to expire. You can also use that kind of campaign to send travel reminders, appointments, and more:

Setting Up a Campaign Based on an Expiration Date


Batch only collects essential information on every installation (e.g. country, language, last visit date, etc).

Make sure you are already sending to Batch all the additional data you need to manage your use cases. You can send custom data to Batch by tagging your app or sending data from your servers using the Custom Data API.

You will find the list of the custom data received by Batch in Settings > Custom Data:

Step 1: Targeting
Create a campaign, then click "add conditions" to select the attribute you will use to target the right users. Pick the "Time" option, then set the moment when you want to send your alert.

In this case, we want to target users whose miles will expire in 3 days.

You can create several similar campaigns to trigger an alert:

  • "Time = -3": 3 days before the expiration date

  • "Time = 0": the exact day when miles expire.

  • "Time = 3": 3 days after the miles expired.

Note: You can add a retargeting condition, especially for users who already opened the first alert but didn't renew their subscription or for users who didn't open it yet to remind them to make a specific action. You can even include an exclusive discount and therefore prevent churn.

Step 2: Scheduling
Then, select "Recurring" to automatically send a notification to users who match the targeting of the campaign. Ensure you trigger the campaign every day.

Note: You won't need to set a capping for that type of campaign as this is important information and users should not trigger it often.

Step 3: Message Edition
Lastly, compose your message by adding a title, a description and emojis.

You can even personalize your notification based on the same custom data you are sending to Batch (e.g the first name, the number of loyalty points/miles/jackpot left). This will add more context to your message.

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