User Segmentation
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Which targeting options can I use to segment my user base?You will find in this article all the information you need on the targeting options available natively and optionally.
How is Batch populating the Smart Segments?All you need to know on the New, Engaged, Dormant and One Time segments created automatically by Batch for your app.
How to target users based on their geographical position?Here are the different options available if you want to send a push notification based on the location of your users.
How does the "estimated reach" work on a push campaign?You fancy knowing how the "estimated reach" works when creating a new campaign, I explain it to you.
How to exclude a custom audience from my targeting?You can exclude a list of users' IDs from your targeting with Custom Audiences.
Why is the number of tokens not matching the number of IDs in my audience?Read that guide to understand why the number of tokens estimated for your audience is different than the number of targeted IDs.
How does retargeting work?This feature allows you to retarget audiences, users who opened the push and users who viewed an In-App from a previously sent campaign.
How to alert users based on a specific date in the future (expiry alerts, etc)?You can easily alert users a few days before or after a specific date. This is handy to manage expiry alerts, reminders and more.
What is the impact of modifying a trigger automation?Here is everything you need to know before modifying the targeting or the user journey of your trigger automation.
How to save a user Segment?Save a user Segment and easily use it on your orchestration to avoid targeting mistakes!