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How can I adjust the delivery speed of my push notification?
How can I adjust the delivery speed of my push notification?

You can adjust the sending rate of your notifications directly from your own dashboard.

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The default speed is set at the maximum delivery speed defined in your plan:

from 50.000 push sent per minute up to 1,000,000 push per minute for Business and Enterprise plans ⚡️

👉 Too many users open your push notifications simultaneously and it makes your app or website crash?

You can manage the push delivery speed to handle how fast your notifications are sent.

The send rate will be individually applied to all the notifications sent to the users of your app or website.

Edit the push delivery speed:

From your dashboard, you can easily set the average delivery speed that Batch will take into account in order to send the notifications.

  • Select the specific app or website on your dashboard

  • Go to "Settings" and then to "Push Settings"

  • Scroll down to Default push settings

  • Activate the Manage push delivery speed button

  • Set the new sending rate: how many push should be sent per minute?

  • Don't forget to click the "Update push settings" button to save your changes.

The new speed rate will be applied to the next campaigns sent to your app/website users.

It has to be changed for each app/website independently: each has its own push settings.

Please note: this is an average delivery speed and Batch may send notifications slightly faster or slower.

⏱ The estimated time to reach your entire user base is calculated in real-time. Be aware that users may receive a push at an inopportune time (e.g: overnight) if the time to send is too long.

Sending at a low speed, over a long period:

If the push rate you have entered is too low, an alert message will appear. You can see in the example below that it will take +12 hours to send all push notifications to your entire user base.

😴 Batch makes sure that your push notification is not sent too late.

👉 The sending will be automatically stopped:

  • After 12 hours, campaigns sent from the dashboard and by Push Campaigns API.

  • After 6 hours, for push sent by Transactional API.

If the estimation is over that time, we recommend that you select a higher push delivery speed!

💡Important note:

🚨 Once a campaign is running, the campaign's delivery speed can't be changed for this campaign.

If you are on a Basic, Developer, or Startup plan and would like to send push notifications at a higher speed, please get in touch with our team!

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