Step 1: Go to push settings

You can easily set the average delivery speed Batch will take into account to send the notifications.

To do so, click the "Settings" button in the top right corner of the dashboard and then, on the "Push settings" button. You will find here all the settings related to push notifications. You may need to scroll down to editing the push delivery speed.

Step 2: Edit the push delivery speed

By default, Batch will send push notifications at the maximum delivery speed defined in your plan. You can set a custom delivery speed in that section of the dashboard settings. Please note this is an average delivery speed and Batch may send notifications slightly faster or slower.

If the push rate you have entered is too low, an alert message will appear. You can see bellow that it will take +12 hours to send all push notifications to your entire userbase. Your message can become irrelevant if your push was something really important to know at a specific time of the day. This alert can be ignored if you know that technically you need to limit traffic on your application and therefore set a low rate.

You can decrease or increase the average delivery speed if needed. This will be applied to all the notifications sent to the users of your app/website. You can change the limit push delivery for each of your application independently: each application has its push settings.

Don't forget to click "Update push settings" button to save your changes.

💡Important note: Once a campaign is being sent, the delivery speed of the campaign can't be changed. The new delivery speed will apply for the next campaigns.

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