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How to send a test email?
How to send a test email?

This article explains how to send test emails easily from the Batch Dashboard

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Once your sending domains have been properly configured, you can test your email and see what the preview looks like.

First, go to your Batch Dashboard and click on Automations > Email > New automation:

Then click on Compose email:

You can now compose your e-mail:

  1. Choose your sending e-mail

  2. If you want the user to be able to reply to your email, add a reply email

  3. Add the subject of your email

  4. Design your message with the Email Composer or drag the file of your HTML template email.

Once all your email information is filled in, click on Send test :

Add your test addresses, don't forget to separate them with a comma, then click on Send test and check out your inbox:

💡 Before launching your email, don't forget to test it!

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