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How to upload my email templates?

This article shows how to correctly upload HTML email templates in the Dashboard from a ZIP file.

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If you want to use your own email templates, you can directly import them on your Batch dashboard.

Uploading your template

To do so, go to your new email campaign and click on Compose email:

A window will then open on the left with all the information about the composition of your e-mail. Choose between Browse your files or paste your HTML:

Browse your files


Before you upload your file, you need to create your own HTML email template.

Whether you create your templates yourself or use an e-mail builder, your file must be a single compressed ZIP file containing:

  • A single HTML file saved as "index.htm(l)" or "mail.html" (with a maximum size of 512kb)

  • A single image folder containing all the images of your e-mail template saved as "images"

💡 Depending on your operating system, compress the file selecting both elements ("index.html file" (or mail.html) + "images" folder)

For example, here is how it goes on macOS:

Upload your file

If you choose to directly add your file, click on Browse your files and select your Zip file.

It will be added and the preview of your template will appear on the right:

💡 If this one does not suit you, you can click on Replace or if you want to make some changes, you can edit it by clicking directly on Edit HTML.

Paste your HTML

If you choose to add your template via the HTML code retrieved from your e-mail builder, click on Paste your HTML and add the code:

Once all the content of your email is adjusted, click on Finish editing.

Your email is now ready to be sent 🎉

💡 Before launching your email, don't forget to test it by using the Send test feature.

Don't hesitate to use the Dashboard's preview mode and send yourself test emails to check that your emails are displayed correctly regardless of the device.

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