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How to save modules on the email composer?
How to save modules on the email composer?

Learn how to save a module to use it later or in another campaign.

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Whether you have found the perfect structure or need to come back and work on it later, it's essential to save your progress.

Saving a module

First, select the structures made up of the content blocks you want to include in your module: text, image, button, video, etc.

Then, click on the 3 points at the right of the selected frame and click on the Save logo :

A new view will open on the left of your screen where you can add a name to your module and specific details such as a description and tags.

In the Folder field, there are two ways of saving your module:

  • Email: the module will be only available on the campaign you are working on.

  • Project: the module will be found for all the campaigns you create

💡 Tips

The more modules you save, the faster and easier it is to create your emails!

Saved modules

Once your modules are saved, you can find all of them in the Content > Module part on the right. Choose the one you want and drag it to its place on your new email!

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