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Understanding your Email Reach

This article highlights the definitions related to the profiles analytics

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The Email section within the Analytics page of the dashboard provides you with more detailed insights into the profiles you can reach via email.

Number of Profiles

Profiles centralize data and events gathered from various sources such as apps, websites, and APIs. They can either be logged-in or anonymous, reachable via email or not. Profiles are automatically generated when a user first engages with your app, visits your website, or if you send data using a Custom ID via API.

Number of Profiles with an Email Address

Profiles with an associated email address have an email set through the Profile API or SDK methods.

You can send them transactional emails.


Subscribed profiles have explicitly given their consent to receive marketing emails.

You can send them both transactional and marketing emails.


Unsubscribed profiles have opted out of receiving marketing emails. Unsubscriptions are automatically tracked when a user clicks on an unsubscribe link in your email. You can also manage unsubscribed profiles through the Profile API, for instance, if a user unsubscribes from a preference center in your app.

You can send them transactional emails only.


Known profiles have shared an email address with you, such as during the creation of a user account, but they did not subscribe to marketing emails.

You can send them transactional emails only.

Note: The Email reach graph illustrates the distribution of subscription statuses among profiles with an email address and excludes profiles without one.

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