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How to add dynamic content to my email?
How to add dynamic content to my email?

You can add some personalization to your email by using Dynamic content from our Email Composer. Here are all the steps you need to follow.

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E-mails with dynamic content - using names, for example - generate 14% more profit than those without any customisation! In order to help you take advantage of the power of personalization, Batch provides a simple system of dynamic content in the Email Composer.

Add Dynamic content

Once the text of your email is ready, you can add dynamic content to the right place!

Place your cursor where you want to add a customisation variable and click on the Dynamic content button at the top of your screen 👇

🔎 Dynamic content can only be used in a text block.

Then, choose the data you want to use, type a default value, and select a formatting option if you want:

💡 The default value is important if the user doesn't have the attribute fulfilled.

Click on Insert code to add the customisation variable in your text!

Best practices

For some users, you may not have data information available. There are two different options regarding dynamic custom attributes:

  • For known users with custom data available (for instance first_name), the custom attribute will appear in the message;

  • For known users without custom data available (for instance first_name), it will generate a blank space in your message. To avoid a blank space, you should use this condition code:

Hello{% if firstname|trim(nullIfEmpty:true) != None %} {{ firstname }}{% endif %}!

How to test the personalization?

Once your email is ready to be sent, you can save it to go back to the previous page.

Send a test to your email address by clicking the button at the bottom of your screen. You can also send it to multiple addresses at once by separating it with a comma.

You can also see a preview of your email using data from a user profile! Click on the three little points and choose Preview as... Then, enter a user ID such as a Custom User ID or an email address.

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