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How to track app uninstalls on iOS and Android?
How to track app uninstalls on iOS and Android?

You don’t know where to track the uninstall stat of your application. I’ll tell you where you can find this indicator.

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At Batch, we do recommend using tools such as Google play developer for Android or iTunes Connect for iOS that can give you relevant information about uninstalls. 

Google Play Console

If Batch does not know the information on the uninstallation of your application, Google knows it.

All you have to do is connect to your Google Play Console and find on the statistics tab, the number of uninstalls. You can also check on the dashboard the number of installs and uninstalls for the last week, month or year.

iTunes Connect

 iTunes Connect does not give you exactly the number of uninstallation.
but it can give you another information which is "retention". Retention measures the usage of your app over time. 

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