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How can I find my Installation ID on an Android device?
How can I find my Installation ID on an Android device?

You can easily find your Installation ID with the "Find my Installation" feature on Android.

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Usually, Advertising IDs and Custom User IDs are the easiest tools to find your device on Batch and register yourself as a tester on the platform.

However, these identifiers aren't always available in Batch :

  • Your app may globally not share Advertising ID with Batch.

  • Your own device may block the Advertising ID sharing.

Regarding Custom User ID :

  • It's usually only set for logged-in users.

  • You may not know your Custom User ID.

This is why Batch created the Installation ID. This ID is unique and is generated when the application is installed.

However, the ID is renewed every time the app is uninstalled/reinstalled, so make sure you have the correct ID when sending tests.

You will be able to retrieve your Installation ID following the method below:

Use the "Find my installation" feature:

From version 1.18 of our SDK, Batch will copy the Installation ID to the clipboard when the application appears in the foreground 4 times within 20 seconds.

Here is how to do it:

  • Close your application (from the background)

  • Reopen it and switch to the background 4 times in a row in less than 20 seconds

  • Open a clipboard and paste the text

  • This is your Installation ID πŸŽ‰

You can also follow the video below:

Note: If you are on an older version of the SDK or deactivate this feature via our dedicated method, we recommend displaying the Installation ID somewhere in the app: Displaying the installation ID.

Now that you have your Installation, you can use it to save devices as Test Devices, send test pushes, and retrieve all the data linked to the ID πŸ“²

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