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How is calculated the open rate of my push campaigns?Read that guide to understand how open rate is calculated and know more on direct/influenced opens.
How to export my Campaigns Analytics?Follow this guide to export the results per campaign for a given period.
How does flight mode impact push notifications reception?Everything you wanted to know about the impact of flight mode on the reception of your push for both OS.
How to interpret opt-out/app uninstalls on Batch?In order to be able to interpret opt-outs and app uninstalls, it is essential to understand how they are calculated.
Analytics glossaryYou will find here the definition of all the words used in Batch analytics: push campaigns, In-App automations and general analytics.
How to understand and interpret my campaign’s analytics?Need help understanding your campaign's analytics? Here's all you need to know to understand the results of your campaigns.
What is the difference between devices synced and displayed?Here is what you need to know about the difference between Devices Synced and Displayed in your In-App automations analytics.
How often are the analytics refreshed on the dashboard?Most of the data you see on the dashboard is refreshed daily. Campaigns statistics and the number of tokens are refreshed in near real-time.
Why do the stats of my app don’t appear on the dashboard?Don't see any data on the dashboard after releasing your app? Here is everything you need to check:
What is the difference between direct opens vs influenced opens?Direct opens means users opened your push directly when they received it unlike influenced who users launched your app within 3 hours.
Why is my campaign still running after the sending date has passed?In some cases, your campaign can still be live after the send date has passed in your country (e.g. local time based campaigns, etc).
Why are my "direct opens" stuck at 0?Here is everything you should check if the number of direct opens is too low for your push campaigns.
How to track app uninstalls on iOS and Android?You don’t know where to track the uninstall stat of your application. I’ll tell you where you can find this indicator.
How to interpret the differences between my third-party analytics tools and statistics provided by Batch?Batch and your analytics tools have different ways of measuring a user visit of your app.