Batch servers need a push certificate to communicate with Apple Push Notification Services (APNS). There are two kinds of certificates you can use with Batch: a .p8 file or a .p12 certificate, which expires after 12 months.

If you stopped receiving push notifications and an error message appeared in the campaigns list, your .p12 certificate probably expired.

Here is how to generate a .p8 file for your app in two easy steps:

1. Download The .P8 File

First, generate and download a new .P8 file:

  • Give a name to your key

  • tick the "Apple Push Notifications Service" box

  • download the .p8 file.

2. Upload the .p8 file

On Batch dashboard, go to Settings → Push settings, and upload your .p8 file.

You will need to paste two IDs to be able to use your new certificate:

  • App ID / Bundle ID: Use the bundle ID you will find in Xcode. You can also use the app ID available from the Developer Console here.

  • Team ID: The team ID is available from the Developer Console here.

🚧 Important note: Make sure you used the correct IDs.

We recommend you try sending a push to your device after uploading that new certificate.

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