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Why is my custom audience not matching any tokens?
Why is my custom audience not matching any tokens?

Understand why your custom audience doesn't match any token when uploaded.

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Custom audiences allow you to upload static segments exported from your userbase (e.g. top 500 buyers, etc) or created by third-party tools. Batch will match push tokens and uploaded Installation IDs or Custom User IDs and allow you to target them with Push campaigns or In-App Automations. 

You may upload audiences that don't match any token, find below the most common explanations. 

1. File formats

First, make sure your file contains a list of custom user IDs or installation IDs with only one identifier per line, no header and under 50 mo.

2. Source of the Custom Audience

Let's say you uploaded an audience of Custom User IDs, extracted from your internal userbase. Some users may be using your services on your website only, and may never have installed your app. In that case, no matching token may be found, especially on small audiences. 

The same example is relevant if you created your audience from any third-party tool which processes user data out of your active mobile users.  

3. Type of uploaded IDs

As mentioned previously, before uploading your audience, you need to choose between 2 types of IDs: Installation IDs or Custom User IDs.

💡 Advertising IDs are no longer collected by Batch since the release of SDK 2.0 version.

Please check that you selected the right type of ID when uploading your audience. You can find this information in the Custom Audiences list ("Type" column):

4. Custom User ID formats

If you uploaded a Custom User IDs list, you will need to check that the uploaded IDs are the same as the ones tagged in your app.

Step 1 - Find which Custom User IDs are tagged in your app

Custom User IDs are tagged when users log in to their account in your app. To find your Custom User ID, you can use our debug tool, as described in this guide.

Step 2 - Compare it with the uploaded IDs 

Now, you can compare it with the IDs listed in your audience. For example, if the Custom User IDs tagged in your app are strings of alphanumeric characters as "1s8n6g0h3" and you uploaded email addresses, Batch won't be able to match tokens to the Custom Audience.

5. Character case of the IDs

Custom Audiences are case-sensitive. It means that, for example, if you uploaded Custom User IDs in uppercase whereas they are stored in lowercase in Batch, Batch won't be able to match them with push tokens.

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