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How can I send a test to several devices at once?
How can I send a test to several devices at once?
Here is how you can send a test to many people at the same time.
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In order to send a test to several devices, you may have to create a Custom Audience with all your test devices and target it on a campaign.

1- To create a new custom audience, go to Settings > Audiences > and click on "Upload an Audience".

2- Upload a .txt, or .csv file, with one identifier per line only. It can be Custom User IDS or IDFA (iOS) / Custom User IDs or Advertising IDs GAID (Android).

3- When your custom audience is uploaded, create your campaign and target your custom audience. Finally, click on "Save & Run" to send your push. 

💡 Your estimated reach can be 0 tokens, since there is only a few people on your custom audience compared to your userbase:

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