What Is an Anniversary Campaign?

This type of campaign is based on a specific date such as the birth date of the user, the date of their inscription/subscription or the date of their first purchase and aims at celebrating this date.

You can target all users on the day the meaningful date is due to and send them an informational or commercial  message.

Note: as this type of campaign is date-based, this data needs to be tagged in the right format (more information here)

Why You Should Create an Anniversary Campaign?

Anniversary campaigns are an essential part of creating or improving your customer relationship. There  are several advantages to set this kind of campaign:

  • Increase your retention: by showing appreciation and  letting your users know that you care about them. No one likes to be left out.

  • Stand out: Even though this type of campaigns seems to be essential, not everyone is actually doing it. By sending a "Happy birthday" notification, you can actually stand apart from your competitors.

  • Stay connected: Creating an anniversary campaign is straightforward. As soon as the campaigns are ready, they will run automatically. You still get traffic and reengage your users with zero effort.

  • Stimulate a latent purchase: Make sure your include an incentive in your message as this may invite users to perform the purchase they were delaying.

How to Set up an Anniversary Campaign?

Step 1: Targeting

Once you have selected the date you want to base your reminder on, add the "Next anniversary" condition. Here are few examples of what you can do:
Anniversary campaign based on the installation date:

Anniversary campaign based on the user birth date:

Then based on your scenarios, you can choose the moment when the campaign will be send to the users: on the due day, one day before (to warn them), one day after (to extend the feelgood vibe)...

Anniversary campaign sent on the due day:

Anniversary campaign sent the day before:

Step 2: Timing

The second part of creating an anniversary campaign is setting the frequency at which you campaign will be sent.

For that select the 'Recurring' option, then a starting date to activate the campaign, the hour you want you user to receive the message (morning, noon, afternoon or evening) and a frequency of once a day:

Note: No need to add a capping to this type of campaign as the birthday or the installation date of a user only happens once a year. There is no chance that this event happens several times a day; week, month, year.

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