The A/B testing feature allows you to test two different messages in the same campaign. A/B testing is key to sending the most effective message and vastly improving your open and re-engagement rates.

How can I create an A/B test push campaign?

First, create a new campaign and set the Targeting and Timing.

Then, you can easily A/B test your messages with one click on the "Start A/B testing" button.

What kind of content can I A/B Test?

  • Length of the wording
  • Tone of the message
  • Emojis
  • Dynamic Content

How to preview each version?

Click on the Eye icon to select the version to show in the preview and to send as a test.

How can I compare the analytics?

Once your campaign is live, you can compare the performance of each variant.
In the detailed results of your campaign, you will see how each message perform over time in a tabbed view.

How can I keep the best wording?

If it is a recurring or trigger campaign, you can disable the one that performs poorly. To disable a version, go on 'Push' tab, click on the pencil icon of your A/B test campaign and then, click on the Enable/Disable switch button.

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