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How can I attach an image to a web push notification?
How can I attach an image to a web push notification?

Adding an image to your push campaign has many great benefits, here's how you can do it on web push.

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You can attach an image to your push campaign from the campaign editor (the image can be displayed with Chrome 56+ on Windows/Android only). Click "Advanced" below the message preview:

🚧 Important note: You can't attach video or GIF on web push, unlike mobile push. You can check out here how to attach an Image, Gif or Video to a mobile push, and here how to choose the best image size.

Batch lets you send large-format notifications with a large image attachment. We require a landscape image, PNG or JPG, with a minimum width and height of 300px.

You can click on the "upload" button in order to add an image directly from your folders, or drag and drop your image in the dedicated section.

Now that you have uploaded your custom image, you can also add a custom icon. The icon will be displayed with all browsers. For example, we set these as custom icons and images:

Display of custom icons & images according to the browser:

  • Chrome (Windows) and Android:

  • Firefox and Chrome (macOS):

Those browsers do not allow previewing an image in a push.

πŸ’‘ Adding images to your campaigns improves your audience, you can read this article to learn more.

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