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Why should I add some images to my campaign?
Why should I add some images to my campaign?

Adding an image to your push campaign has many great benefits. Here are the different advantages to do so.

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The power of images helps you get better interaction with your users, and enhance their experience. So adding images to your campaigns improve your audience engagement in the long term:

✅ Improve your open rate: adding visual elements such as an image impacts positively your user's attention. With an image, your campaign stands out in the notification centre, increasing your visibility, and therefore your open rate.

✅ Be more impactful: when an action is required for your users, you can emphasize that by adding an image containing a word, an action, or a question that will guide your users in doing what is needed.

✅ Inform your users: add valuable information to your message such as the category of the product concerned by the offer, the article that is talked about, or that new content which is finally available.

✅ Increase your user retention: images help users to envisage what matter is brought to them so assisting them to have a clearer user experience is only beneficial.

✅ Tell your own story: your choice of image (grain, colour vs black and with, drawings vs photograph, etc) will help your branding and differentiate yourself from competitors. When users can clearly identify your brand it means they remember you and that you impacted their life.

ℹ️ Note: if you wonder whether you can add a video to your campaign check this article. Or what size should your image be, then this article will help.

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