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How does flight mode impact push notifications reception?
How does flight mode impact push notifications reception?

Everything you wanted to know about the impact of flight mode on the reception of your push for both OS.

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On iOS

After flight mode deactivation, only the last push send is received. This is the behaviour of the Apple / APNS push API, it is independent of Batch.

πŸ“– If you want more information, see the technical documentation here.

On Android

By default Batch offers the same behaviour as iOS, but you have two ways to control it.

1. via the "Collapse Key"

You can choose on the dashboard to ensure that all pushes are received:

  • From the creation campaign form > Advanced Settings > disable the Collapse Key:

  • From the settings of your Android app > Push Settings > Default push settings > disable the Collapse Key and click on the "Update push settings" button:

2. via APIs

You can set up specific behaviour or a mix of behaviour, for instance:

  • all the notifications are kept and therefore will be delivered


  • all the transactional pushes are delivered but only the last marketing push.

πŸ’‘ If you set up a TTL on your push or in your app settings, if the push is not sent in the fixed limit, the push will never be sent.

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