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How can I manage the dev and live environment with Batch?
How can I manage the dev and live environment with Batch?

Here are the best practices to manage both environments

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A staging environment refers to a parallel server environment for testing websites and software applications in conditions as close as possible to reality, without compromising the organization's actual data or interrupting its operations.

You should always integrate Batch in a dev environment, and go into production mode when everything has been tested and validated.

For this matter, we strongly recommend that you create two applications per OS on the dashboard: one for tests and one for production (e.g. MyApp and [DEV] MyApp). This will allow you to use the Live API Key for all your apps and test all features before going live.

Using a Live API Key for both apps allows you to avoid relying on the Dev API Key, which has a more limited functional scope than the Live one.

Thereafter, dev apps can only be displayed to developers so as not to disturb your operational teams on the dashboard (see more here).

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